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We help companies compete in the internet age by providing them the tools they need to communicate effectively with their clients and suppliers, without regard to national or international boundaries.

If you have a need for a solid communications system that will enable you to run your business instead of your technology, then we can create a solution for you.

We Provide

Voice Over IP

Digital & Analog

Cameras & Entry Control


CRM Integration

On-Site systems we use are:
Panasonic, NEC, and Asterisk, along with whatever technologies to connect them.

Telecommunciation Solutions
To Boost your Success

We can work with you to solve reliability and call quality issues using all available technologies, such as VoIP, Digital, and Analog, in any combination to make your system efficient and invisible.

Our Capabilities

Telecom generally runs in several flavors: Digital circuits and phone systems, Analog the same, and VoIP. Some systems can operate with all technologies simultaneously. I have several systems like that. VoIP can be hosted (system is in the cloud), or a local VoIP server that handles all the connectivity. We can also create systems that operate across those variants.

Multi-Site refers to your company having multiple offices, but wanting easy communication among them. Example, I have a client with their HQ in Chatsworth and another building in Santa Ana. Right now, they have two phone systems and if someone calls one and needs the other, they have to hang up and call the other location. Another client has HQ in DTLA and another in Pasadena, with plans to go nationwide. All easily handled.

CRM integration can be tricky. If they have some CRM database and want to have click-to-call or screen pops on inbound calls so the client record opens as soon as the call rings so they can get right down to business, the integration makes it happen. It can be tough, but we try our best.

Our Team

We have 38 years of telecom experience, having worked in the carrier world with projects in Hong Kong and Bangkok, as well as several states here in the US. We’ve been designing and implementing telecom solutions for companies of most sizes, from a few seats to thousands.

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